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We use the best ingredients, the heart and all the passion that we have to get the best results …

From TripAdvisor:

We went with my friends for dinner, we found it through tripadvisor, saw that the reviews were very positive. Take starters with cold cuts and burrata cheese served with exceptional warm bread. All good! Then we order pizza, Great menu in which proposals are pizzas with ingredients also strange but good. Pizza with walnuts …

I went to eat at this place recommended from friends, and I have tried the famous pizza because. In fact their pizza has something more than any other pizzeria in Milan. It is very digestible and made with quality ingredients that feel while eating is that in the post digestion. Excellent meat …

I had dinner in this nice place with my family. They were kind right now as we arrived with a champagne offered. The reception was positive. We ordered cold cuts and cheeses as an appetizer and a fresh burrata cheese. All delicious and quality. Then we ordered the pizza, and here I make more compliments!

“GOOD EXPERIENCE … to be confirmed”
I had dinner on May 5 great experience, the place is cute and cozy, spartan, youth and informal look, very helpful and kind, divided into 2 floors … I was on the ground floor, in the underground was the possibility to watch the football match, is not very big place but enough … maybe…

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 From Google:

I went with my family after have seen various reviews on their Kamut pizza. Well, I must say that I ate the best kamut pizza right now. Excellent and made with high quality ingredients and with sourdough, and I realized that I had the easy digestion. Great!

I went here to eat a pizza. I started with cold meats, all good and plentiful served with warm bread that melted in the mouth !  Then I took a kamut pizza, fabulous, while my girlfriend took the traditional dough. For me it was very good and also for my girlfriend. Burrata cheese and Parmacotto ham for my pizza really quality. Surprising price & quality.

A Kamut pizza fabulous !!! Good dough and perfect cooking !!! Timely and accurate service. It will be a key reference point and really recommend it to everyone !!