Pepenero in Milan is a new reality, not just a pizza restaurant but also a lounge bar, with cocktails, created by experienced barman, and the rich brewery beer choices.

A concept created for a people of all ages, from families to young people, from the couple to the business person who is passing through, in this Milan pointing to renew itself and to get more and more quality services to citizens. Also perfect as a location for business or private events.

The quality of the food used, integrated the location design, it was one of the target of the young owner Domenico Tallarico who has reached the target he wanted.

Only PGI or PDO products are selected, such as cold cuts, cheeses, meats, that are daily purchased from organic farmers and only with a health mark that certify the health of livestock, the only daily fresh fish is bought at the general market of fish Milan, the most important market in Europe.

We invest always on our customers, using only products among the most expensive on the market that are also healthier, better and fresh. For example, our Bresaola Artisan we buy directly in Livigno, the Parma ham, Parmacotto DOP, buttery cheese and fresh dairy products daily delivery.